Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 16 - It's All Uphill Sometimes...

One day, my doctor told me, that because of my illness, I really should be getting nine hours of sleep every night. When I got off the floor from laughing so hard, all I could think was "What are you, nuts?" I have four kids! Three of them are teenagers! Really? Which nine hours were you thinking? Was that consecutive?  So not happening.  Clearly, this explains at least part of my daily fatigue. (Nine hours...yeah, okay.)
That said, you can imagine that my quest for a healthy life is, while not completely impossible, going to be a challenge. Aside from my basic tendency toward procrastination and general entropy, much of my energy is spent, well, getting out of bed, and convincing myself that I can get through another day. Trying to find not only the time, but those last sparks of energy in my body to work out is another story entirely. Still, I usually do feel better after I do.
Today, I took my little dog for a walk. Although I always swore I wouldn't humiliate him in this way, I did put him in a sweater. It was cold outside!! We had a nice little walk, after which I thought, I should have my real workout. Well, I did get through about 2 1/2 songs before my legs decided that no. this wasn't happening after all.  I stretched, I did a few leg lifts and called it a day. Hey, it's better than yesterday. Tomorrow will be a better day. (There's that mantra again, I think I'll stick with it.) Until tomorrow, friends...

Caren E. Salas

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