Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 14 - By the Sea...

Today my husband was off work so I didn't get my regular workout. For that matter, weekends tend to be difficult as a rule because of that fact. This is not to say I don't do anything. Yesterday, in fact, we went down to the beach and I was able to get a nice walk in, plus I walked my dog briskly for a while. Walking my dog is always interesting because it's like: walk, jog jog jog, stop so he can pee on a tree, then RUN jog jog walk, stop so he can pee on another tree...and so on.
Today we went to Balboa Island, and for those of you who are not locals, it's a very cool little area just south of Huntington Beach (AKA "Surf City") here in lovely Southern California.  There's a little ferry boat that you can take to and from the island, and we love it.  We did a LOT of walking around and looking at the boats and houses that line the harbor.  The sky was threatening rain, but all we got was a little spit.  I have to admit, my diet went a bit out the window, because we went to a place called "Wilma's" and I had egg enchilada's. Serious yumminess.  But I truly believe that if you completely deprive yourself of the pleasure of eating, you're doomed to fail.  It's all about moderation. Don't go crazy in either direction and you'll be okay for the most part.
Anyway, tomorrow I'm back to my normal pattern of eating healthy, exercising and dancing around like an idiot in my living room. Hope you all will join me again!

Caren E. Salas

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