Friday, November 11, 2011

#18 Glow Sticks

Now admit it, everyone love stuff that glows in the dark! These days you can get pretty much anything you want in glow-in-the-dark form. Jewelry, props, stickers, t-shirts, even stars to make your bedroom look like the night sky. When my kids were small we actually got a star chart so that the stars we stuck to the ceiling would be accurate (at least somewhat). I think I enjoyed the view even more than they did.
I like to buy those little tubes full of glow bracelets from the dollar section in Target. Then, when we have a BBQ in the evening or just want to goof off with the kids we pull them out and, hey! Instant party! I'm sure some of you are probably thinking "wow, you people are easily amused," and the truth is...yes. Yes we are, but that's okay. If I can encourage my kids to hang out with the ol' man and me, using low tech, low cost toys...can you really fault me? Really. Everyone should just goof off once in a while. Get some silly string, or water balloons, or glow sticks, and just have fun!!

Caren E. Salas

Photo by William Salas (apparently proof that mom really is an alien.)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

#17 Candles

I love lighting candles, and as the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, I find myself lighting them more and more. There's something relaxing about the soft glow of candles, especially at the end of a day. It's nice to get away from the harsh light of day and all its worries, and escape to a world of calm.  .
I recently bought a cinnamon scented candle and lit it last night.   To me, it's that warm, inviting scent that says, "Come on in, make yourself at home!" It puts me in a holiday mood; in the mood to wrap gifts and invite friends over for coffee.
So light a few candles, if you are like me, they just might raise your spirits. Relax, smile and enjoy the ambiance!   :)

Caren E. Salas

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

#16 Baking Cookies

Now, I'm sure at some point I said I liked taking one holiday at a time, and while that's still true, there are a few things that for me, blend from one to the next. Food crosses all lines. As much as I like eating certain foods during certain seasons, there are no set rules. I mean, really, people eat turkey all year round right? Well, some people do.
So, the other day I decided to make cookies. Rolled sugar cookies cut with cookie cutters and sprinkled with pretty colors of sugar.  Nothing beats the way it makes my whole house smell. It doesn't really matter if you use the slice and bake kind, the tubs of pre-made cookie dough, or make them from scratch. Home baked cookies are the best, and making them, for me, takes me away for awhile. I'm focused on the cutting, sugaring and timing, with no room to think about the worries of the world for a little while. This makes me smile, and the finished product seems to make everyone else smile. It's a win/win, wouldn't you say? Whether they are for the holidays or any day, cookies are a definite on my "like" list.

Caren E. Salas

Thursday, November 3, 2011

#15 Books

Okay, I know everyone has to have a Kindle or a Nook or whatever. Information comes more from the Internet than anywhere else it seems and besides, books are heavy and awkward to carry. Still, I love books. I am in danger in the $1.00 book store. It's an addiction. I have more books than I will probably ever read, but I continue to want more. Maybe someday, I tell myself, I'll have the time.  One of the best things about a book, is that you can (if you're lucky) have the author sign it. Being a writer myself, I've often dreamt of signing books at schools, fairs and signing parties. It's kind of hard to sign some one's Kindle, I'm thinking. This thought pushes me to get out there and get my novel published before I miss out on the whole "autograph" experience. I mourn the day when books are obsolete, and the creators of fantasy are just a name in the credits. Meanwhile, I hang on to my library, in hopes that someday I will have the time. Hug a book, will you? And think of me, your favorite off-kilter author.

Caren E. Salas