Wednesday, December 21, 2011

#19 Kisses and Hugs

Kisses come in many different forms. There are first kisses, coming home kisses, greeting kisses, good-bye kisses, kisses on the cheek, on the lips, in an elevator, blowing get the picture. Hugs are equally versatile. There are bear hugs, air hugs, can't let you go hugs, hugs for every occasion. They are part of my wardrobe.  Hugs and kisses are among my favorite things, and if we're going to discuss things that make me smile...well, I can't leave these out.  Technically, they should be two separate items but they do tend to go together, at least in my life. I mean, think about it, what's the first thing you do when your child or spouse or friend is not feeling well? You probably put your arms around them, give them a squeeze and a little kiss on the forehead. We all need a smooch now and then. Whether it's a physical boo boo or emotional pain, hugs and kisses sometimes heal better than Band-Aids or expensive therapists.
This season, there are so many people out there going a little bit crazy (or even a lot crazy). Everything seems to be extreme: too much to do; too many places to go; too many things to buy; too much money spent...and way too much stress for what is supposed to be a "joyful season".
Take a moment and hug someone you love. It will rejuvenate you. Plant a kiss on someone when they least expect it. And hey, if you are a bit shy, give someone a chocolate kiss. That will put a smile on just about any one's face.  (Feel free to send some my way, haha)

Merry Christmas!

Caren E. Salas