Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day 19 !/2 - I Couldn't Help Myself

Okay, well, first off, weekends tend to me more difficult for me, due to my husband and kids all being home. We try and at least do something active, so we aren't just sitting around watching TV or something, but as far as a planned "workout"...not likely.
Yesterday my brother-in-law came in to visit from Maryland.  My husband picked him up from the airport and brought him to our house to hang out for a while. As a bonus, my brother-in-law's daughter joined us and brought her baby boy. O...M...G...really, what else can matter in the presence of an 8 month old baby?? I just wanted to grab his chubby little thighs and  pinch those smiley cheeks! If carrying a baby around for hours could count as exercise, I'd have it made.
Anyway, today being Sunday, I don't expect to get much done either, but I did do a little stretching and we may be doing a little power shopping later, so who knows? Maybe I'll at least get a little walking in.
Tomorrow will be a better day. :)

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