Saturday, June 30, 2012


I am so sorry to have neglected this blog for so long. Things have been hectic with end of the school year activities and my son graduating from high school. I'm feeling more optimistic however, with new opportunities coming my way and my health being on an upswing. Yes, after so long, I think the doctors and dentists and various care-givers have finally figured out what my jaw pain was/is caused by. Two different things contributed: one of which is on its way to being taken care of, the other hopefully will be soon.  All I can say is...Yay.
That being said, I suppose I should get back to my quest for health. As the summer begins to unfold, I'm really looking forward to spending time outside as much as possible. I will be bathed in sunscreen of course, but I really intend on taking advantage of any chance to enjoy the sun.  Every year I promise myself that I'll go to the beach more, go body boarding, go on walks in the sand. This year, dang it, I'm going to make that happen.  The kids are all old enough to either stay home or come with me without the need for constant supervision in the water. 
Also, I will be increasingly involved in "The Living Christmas Company" which I'll explain more about later I'm sure. I'm still trying to do my homework and learn everything I can about it.
I hope to stay active here, and I hope I haven't lost my few loyal followers. Wish me luck, keep an eye out for my posts. Thanks for still being out there for me.

Caren. E. Salas

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Roller Coaster

Wow. I must apologize for my disappearance of late. This time of year is always tough with end of the school year events, and spring cleaning, and planning for the summer... Those last few marbles rolling around in my head are taxed beyond their capacity. Add to that a lovely letter from the IRS, my son getting ready to graduate from high school, and a yet un-diagnosed health issue (remember I talked about having a TMJ disorder earlier? - Turns out, that's not what it is. Great, I now know another thing it's not). It's amazing I can even function. All of this on my mind has also curbed any inkling of creativity. The only thing I've written lately is a poem about not being able to write anything. I feel like I'm riding some insane roller-coaster in space, flying off the rails aimlessly through the universe, with no control or direction. I'm afraid my air could run out at any time, and the second star to the right doesn't seem as bright as it used to. I'm not happy with the way I look, the way I feel physically, and I fight against the effects of depression every day.
Here's the encouraging part (in case you were getting worried that there wouldn't be one) I am here now. I'm writing...something, which is better than nothing. On the wild roller-coaster in space which is my life, I am back on the rails, having plummeted straight down and circling around a bit I'm heading back up. The ride is far from over of course. The clicking of the track reminds me that what goes up, usually comes back down. In the back of my mind I'm waiting for the next drop, but for now I can relax a little. I don't know if tomorrow will be a better day, but I will tell myself that it will be. That gets me through each day.
Whatever works, huh?

Caren E. Salas

Photo: "Roller Coaster At Night" by Fionnrua