Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 25 - Exercising My Cleaning Muscles

Hello Friends!  Yesterday I did get out. I commandeered my daughters bike since mine had a flat. It was such a beautiful day, how could I not? Unfortunately today I didn't get to do my regular workout, but I spent the day rearranging my bedroom. I cleaned out the closet top to bottom, which means up and down on my step stool. I must have gone up and down at least 50 times. That must count for something right? It's like step aerobics for domestic engineers such as myself.  Then I had to remove  the drawers from my dresser (full of clothes mind you) so that I could clean out the inside - I was amazed at how many things can get stuck behind!  So, there's my weight lifting, ha ha. Okay, that was maybe a stretch. You're probably thinking that I'm cheating, and maybe I am.  If I were sitting in my room folding laundry, I don't think that I'd try counting that.  Part of what I write sometimes is to convince myself that I am doing something.  If I start feeling like oh, I missed a day, then that day becomes two, then three, and then it's so much easier to think: What's the point? I'm too far behind! So I look at what I am doing, see if there is physical activity involved, and tell myself that tomorrow I'll do more. Tomorrow I'll be better.
I will be doing some brisk walking in the next hour or so, and hopefully tomorrow, much more rested, I will have some fabulous activity that will provide a little cardio workout. I'll let you know.

Caren E. Salas

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