Thursday, September 12, 2013

How Many Times....?

When you were a kid, did your mom or dad ever start a conversation (aka: lecture) with "How many times have I told you...." It's one of those things you SWEAR you will never say to your kids, but then, well...
I was thinking about that today, but in a different way. I was thinking about it because I realized "how many times" I've promised that I would write on a regular basis. That "this time" I was sure that I was on a roll. Clearly, I lied. Okay, that's harsh. Let's just say you all were me. See, the problem is that Life gets in the way. Try as I may to make time to write every day, the truth is, I have other things that take priority sometimes. Little things like "kids" and a husband, and bills I have to pay, my job (as an elf), and making sure we have food in the house. You know, those little pesky every day details we just can't ignore. This is not to say that my brain and my imagination are stagnant. I have plenty to write about. It's just that sitting down at the computer and taking the time to post tends to mess up my groove, so to speak. Now this is where I usually say "..but this time I mean it! I'm really going to write all the time now!!" You'd all be thinking to yourselves "we've heard that one before." I'm not going to say that this time. I will say this. When I'm not otherwise living my life, working (which of course involves writing anyway) taking care of my family, taking care of myself (i.e.: swimming) spending time with people I love, taking care of my little dog or my two turtles, or coping with my general insanity, I will write something here...and hopefully you won't have all tired of waiting for me, and will read it. :)

Caren E. Salas

No Happy Medium

I can't sleep. my husband and I decided to spend Labor Day weekend in Palm Springs, and we do love it here. but dang. It's HOT. Even at nine, ten o'clock at night it's about a hundred degrees! Then, the room is air conditioned to below freezing...okay, not really, but it's cold! So here I am at 5:35 a.m. because I can't sleep. I tossed and turned for hours feeling the blast of cold air on one side of my body or another; I tried to turn down the AC; I even wrapped the decorative throw blanket they put on the edge of the bed for color over me, but I can't sleep!  Added to that, the AC hitting me gave me a stiff neck, or maybe it was the tossing and turning, so I took some Ibuprofen and now my stomach hurts. Of course.
On the upside, in about an hour, the pool will be open, and being that yes, at 7 a.m. it will be hot enough to melt glass, I may just go down and swim a few laps. I will have to adjust my workout however in light of the pool only being about 15 feet across. Three strokes and I'm on the other side. I may have to resort to...I can't believe I'm saying this...water aerobics,. (shudder)