Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 23 - I Shoulda' Seen it Comin'

Hello friends, sorry I missed yesterday, but I have not been feeling great. You'd think that after having MS for 25 or so years I would learn to recognize the signs, but not always I guess. I start to feel more tired, sort of depressed, get more headaches, and the next thing I know I can hardly walk. Oh, and just so you know, it's not the exercising that wears me out, usually that makes me feel better (on those lovely occasions when I actually feel good enough to exercise in the first place). No, it's the everyday running around and stresses of life that seem to knock me out of the dance floor. I have to say that today, I do feel a little better, and plan on at least doing some stretches and walking my rug-rat. He's been feeling neglected I think, because well, it's been a whole two days since I took him for a walk. I've played catch with him in the yard, but apparently that doesn't quite count.  He's in the next room whimpering for my benefit: woe is me, nobody loves me. And I thought my kids were dramatic.  Until tomorrow....

Caren E. Salas

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