Wednesday, October 26, 2011

#14 Candy Corn

My weakness: holiday candy. Well, to be honest, I love sweet things in general, but I especially love holiday candies. I eat candy corn at Halloween, candy canes at Christmas, Peeps and jelly beans at Easter... you know what I mean, right?  There are just certain candies that go with each holiday.  Right now, my sweet addiction is candy corn. I LOVE it. I'm actually glad when Halloween is over and I have to stop. (Oh, and all that candy on sale the day after, at half price?? I must step away...) Well, I can still enjoy it for a little while, and thankfully, I don't think there is a candy for Thanksgiving that I know of, and I refuse to get ready for Christmas until after Turkey Day. I mean really. The stores are already packed with toys and decor, now! One holiday at a time, I always say, and that goes for candies too, haha. So, have a candy corn or two, and smile. It's only for a few more days.

Caren E. Salas


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