Tuesday, October 11, 2011

#6 Warm Showers

Most of the time we all take showers for practical, hygienic reasons. I'm not talking about those kind of showers. I'm talking about the ones when you've just come in from the pouring rain, you're clothes are soaked, and you're cold and tired. I'm talking about when you come home from camping, or the beach and you just want to feel clean and fresh. I'm talking about when you've been forced to have awkward, uncomfortable bathing experiences due to illness or injury, and at last...you can just get in and enjoy the warm water free of restraint. It's like having clean sheets on your bed. There's just something calming about it; something that makes you feel like you can breathe a little easier.  I know there are many places that don't have the luxury of a warm shower, so I do appreciate the wonderfulness of it. 

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