Friday, October 14, 2011

#8 Ice

Ice: crushed, cubed, chunks, any size or shape.  For the longest time the water and ice dispenser in our fridge went without actually being hooked up. We had to use trays to make ice, which of course the kids never refilled leaving me (usually) without ice for my drinks or what have you. When we remodeled our kitchen, everything got properly installed and, wow! Filtered water and ice on hand ALL THE TIME! Amazing how fast we become spoiled. We recently had a problem with our refrigerator. One of the hoses cracked and was leaking, so we temporarily shut off the water. Nooooo! Water, well, I can deal with tap water if I must, or grab a bottle of water. But ice? No ice?? I kept running to the store for bags of it. What did people do before ice could be kept and stored? The funny thing is, the guy who started it all had to convince people that they would enjoy their drinks cold. Go figure.
Needless to say, I wanted to hug the Sears repair man when he fixed it up for us. Yay! Ice, ice, baby!!

Ever wonder about the beginnings of the ice business?

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