Monday, October 17, 2011

#9 Clean Sheets

Mondays are the day I always try and wash my sheets. The bed gets pulled apart, and the sheets, pillowcases, mattress cover and sometimes the blankets go into the washing machine.  Now maybe it's just me, but even on a warm day, the feeling of nice warm bedding right out of the dryer is amazing!  It makes me just want to dive in, bury myself under the pile, and soak up the bliss.  As I make the bed, trying to make sure everything is even and smooth, there's just something about the way it looks. Even though I make the bed every other day, when there are clean sheets the bed is just more...inviting. Later, getting into it...ahh, it's like heaven.  There is that split second of "wow, I'm on vacation in a nice hotel" feel. I know you must be thinking that apparently I've fallen OFF the bed one too many times (and perhaps landed on my head) but think about it. You know you feel the same way sometimes. Doesn't it make you smile,slipping between clean sheets at night?  It just feels good. Sometimes you just gotta' stop and smell the Downey. :)

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