Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Well, the aforementioned allergy attack from hell ended up giving me laryngitis. That was almost a week ago. I think the last time I wrote, I was feeling the beginnings of it, but passed it off as just being a little hoarse. When "hoarse" turned into squeak, and then squeak into barely a whisper, I knew it wasn't good. I did see a doctor who said it could be a virus, but she didn't really see any other signs that it was, and didn't see any signs of it being anything more serious. Good news, she did give me something for my cough, which is primarily at night, so I can sleep. My body apparently feels the need to do some last ditch drainage about mid morning that throws me into a violent coughing fit, but then I'm pretty much done. I'm still moving slowly, but I'm moving and that is good. The National MS Society's current slogan is simply "Move It". I need to needlepoint that onto a pillow and sleep with it every night. (If I had ANY idea how to do that, or, for that matter, the time...)
So...getting to the point. What made me actually leave my house and take a nice, fairly long walk? Was it that instead of putting jeans on to take my kids to school this morning, I put on sweat pants? Well, that might have helped a little, but that's not it. Was it a deeply rooted NEED to finally do something healthy?? No. What got me going this morning stuff.
My daughter works at the Disney Store, and told me, that in celebration of their 25th anniversary, the store was giving out free mouse ears to the first 250 guests. Who wouldn't want that? So, since I can barely afford to drive my gas guzzling monster of a car down the street, I decided to walk to the mall. Not really far, but farther than my norm. Of course they ran out right before I got there, but I didn't regret going. Hey, I did still get a button.  :) At the very least, it got me moving. I think my dog was a little disappointed that he didn't get to go, but I did go in the backyard to play fetch with him when I got home. He ran after it twice...and figured that was enough exercise for the day. Whatcha' gonna' do? He's an old guy.
Until later...

Caren E. Salas


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