Wednesday, July 31, 2013

For the Safety of Those Around Me

I have found that swimming for me is a necessity. Not merely for my health, but for the health (and safety) of those who deal with me on a regular basis. Seriously, I feel so much better when I swim on a regular basis, physically, mentally and emotionally. It has a way of calming me, taking the stress of the day away, and adds a little patience to my personality. For about 45 minutes I really don't/can't think of anything else. Well, I could, technically, but I tend to forget to breathe. Hmmm. It's funny when I think of it, because when I don't swim, sometimes it feels like I'm forgetting to breathe then, too. I mean, really breathe. Breathe in. Breathe out. Don't freak out. Don't sweat the small stuff...which I do. The moral of this story? I've got to keep swimming. It will keep me in shape, keep me calm, keep me happy and hopefully keep me out of jail (haha).  It's been a rough week. I'm hoping tomorrow will be better. Until then...I'll just keep breathing.

Caren E. Salas

Now this is serenity: a pool with a view.

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