Thursday, July 25, 2013

Between Signs

 I started off the week thinking: I'm going to go swimming every day this week! Yesterday, however, it didn't happen. First thing in the morning I had to go to the DMV to get a permit to move our little VW Bug we're trying to fix up. One and a half hours later, permit in hand, I went to pick the car up from the shop and take it to get SMOG tested. The day went on like that, just one thing after another. By 3:00 in the afternoon I was so exhausted I wanted to collapse on my bed and take a nap.
My writing has had the same sort of slow death. Every day I think: I really need to be writing more often. The days go by and I can't seem to get motivated. On top of that, my internet has been having issues. Not being electronically or computer savvy myself (at ALL) this is a frustrating situation for me. I don't have the time to "learn" everything I need to know to take care of it.
So life goes on, flying by like a rocket ship on its way to outer space (apparently to meet my brain which is already there). Sometimes I feel like I'm waiting for the time to do the things I feel passionately about and that time will never come. Between housework and errands and Life's unexpected events, I'm not sure if I'm floating above the water or about to drown. "The Circle of Life is circling me!"* and it's got shark fins.  Apparently, I'm gonna' need a bigger boat.
I saw this sign that says "BETWEEN SIGNS  -> ", which I thought was humorous since there was no other sign on the other side. One can't be "between" just one thing. Yet, these days I feel like I'm "between" one thing and...I'm not really sure.
Well, one goal is achieved: I wrote this. If I can get to the gym later to swim, that will be two things. Tomorrow, who knows? Maybe I'll figure out where the other side of the sign might be.

Caren E. Salas

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