Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Inner Wimp

Formerly known as, I have managed to suppress my normally wimpy self, until it has become but a shadow of what it was only weeks ago. Granted, I often have to fight with it, because, like an over-stuffed suitcase, it just wants to spew all over the floor, while I grunt and groan and jump up and down on it, until I get the latch locked once again. Every morning I think "Cool, I get to go swimming," and I zip over to the gym after dropping the kids off at school. I've already had breakfast, put on my bathing suit, grabbed my goggles, and packed my gym bag. I walk confidently into the gym, check in, smiling at the staff and march through the doors leading to the pool area. Still smiling, I stash my stuff in a locker, grab a towel, grab a kick-board and walk to the edge of the pool. Now this is where it gets sketchy. I put one foot in, and cringe.  The cold water mocks me. Yeah, it's saying, come on in, it's not so bad once you get in. The operative phrase being "once you get in". I take a deep breath, bracing myself for the shock that will hit my torso, making me gasp.'t do it. One more step down. Okay, gonna' do it this time...maybe not. After a few minutes I finally swoosh into the water (remember? not allowed to dive).  Okay, okay, if I get swimming I'll warm up fast. This turns out to be true...every time. Duh. First hurdle accomplished. I swim two laps and I want to die. By the fourth or fifth lap, my muscles are burning and I feel like there's no way in hell I will get across. Luckily for me, I'm not in hell...but maybe I could cut it short...just today, my inner wimp tempts me. It's just like in those old cartoons where the little angel sits on one shoulder and the little devil is on the other. No, I can do this. I can. Another few laps and I'm halfway done. Only half? Really? Actually, not even that, but I can do this. Before I know it, I've done twenty laps in the 25 meter pool. I started with twenty and have added two more each week. Now I'm up to twenty-four. Just four more to go. Just four. I can do this.
Can't be a cry baby!
So far my inner wimp hasn't gotten the upper hand. I don't plan on letting it. Wish me luck.

Caren E. Salas


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