Friday, May 18, 2012

"Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.."

Those of you out there with kids, probably know where that quote comes from. Dorrie from "Finding Nemo" and I have things in common. Just ask my kids.  My short term memory is about as - wait, what was I talking about?
Dorrie does have the endearing quality of encouragement. She keeps urging on Marlin, even when he feels all hope is lost, and even when Marlin tries to push her away in frustration. I think I'm a little more like Marlin in that respect. Part of me feels like "What's the point? I'm not going to achieve my goals! Why keep trying?" I mentioned before, that I need cheerleaders. Self-encouragement is hard! Still, even on my darker days, a kind word or even just a small confirmation that someone has faith in me, brightens my day. What's great is when someone calls me, or messages me from out of the blue; someone I haven't talked to in a while. That's enough to get me going, when I find myself dragging along, or feeling defeated. I appreciate those little surprises more than I can express. That in mind, I hope that maybe I can encourage other people now and then, with a "hello" on the phone or text, or maybe a crazy blog post.  Who knows? It might be just what is needed at that very moment. Hope so.
Just keep swimming, friends...

Caren E. Salas


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