Friday, November 11, 2011

#18 Glow Sticks

Now admit it, everyone love stuff that glows in the dark! These days you can get pretty much anything you want in glow-in-the-dark form. Jewelry, props, stickers, t-shirts, even stars to make your bedroom look like the night sky. When my kids were small we actually got a star chart so that the stars we stuck to the ceiling would be accurate (at least somewhat). I think I enjoyed the view even more than they did.
I like to buy those little tubes full of glow bracelets from the dollar section in Target. Then, when we have a BBQ in the evening or just want to goof off with the kids we pull them out and, hey! Instant party! I'm sure some of you are probably thinking "wow, you people are easily amused," and the truth is...yes. Yes we are, but that's okay. If I can encourage my kids to hang out with the ol' man and me, using low tech, low cost toys...can you really fault me? Really. Everyone should just goof off once in a while. Get some silly string, or water balloons, or glow sticks, and just have fun!!

Caren E. Salas

Photo by William Salas (apparently proof that mom really is an alien.)

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